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the haiduks feat. jordi rosen

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beko_101 the haiduks feat. jordi rosen_on air

"It never ceases to amaze me how well Christian Richer does it. When he's not recording sky high jams as Élément Kuuda, retro-prog symphonies as Soft Mirage or running Kinnta Records, he busts out the guitar riffs and lifts off into psych-pop heaven with The Haiduks.

This first 7" takes a deep plunge into shoegaze territory and emerges wet with psychedelic washes. The hazy yet defined aura of On Air is a special blend of heavy fuzz, timeless melodies & beautiful back vocals by Jordi Rosen. This is truly a great single that is sure to get stuck in your head as soon as you hear it. A definite summer classic."

Francesco De Gallo_Hobo Cult Records

THE HAIDUKS feat. JORDI ROSEN - On Air from PɨK on Vimeo.